The Guild Wars 2 macOS 64-bit Test Client

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on June 21, 2017


The Guild Wars 2 team is happy to announce the macOS 64-bit client is ready for public testing! Starting today, players can download the 64-bit native client from their account page. Our hope is that this 64-bit client offers a better user experience without the use of a wrapper around the Windows client.

We Need Your Help

An artificial environment can only get us so far before we need real-world information. This is where you come in! The in-game bug reporting system allows you to provide a detailed description of issues you come across. With a game as large as Guild Wars 2, it’s difficult to identify every possible issue—your reports will tell us more about the improvements we can make across the game, so we can give you a better experience.

We also appreciate your feedback! You can reach out to us with comments or questions via the forums. Keep an eye on the release notes, which we’ll use to communicate bug fixes.

Thank You

We’d like to thank everyone who participates in this test and provides bugs and feedback. We would also like to thank everyone for patiently waiting while we built the client.

See you in-game!