The Reforged Warhound and Friends Are Looking for Homes!

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on November 07, 2017

Reforged Warhound Mount Skin


Terrify your enemies and allies in equal measure by riding the magnificent Reforged Warhound into battle! A sinister vortex of fire may warp the surrounding air each time it phases, and the unblinking hollow that passes for its eye is certainly disquieting, but we assure you that this good dog has lots of personality and will be as loyal to you as any untainted jackal.

Rainstorms pose no risks to either the warhound or its rider. It has no special dietary needs, but it does appreciate occasional treats fed directly into its magma. You can customize its attractive armor plating and ever-burning infernal core with any dye.

A Veritable Menagerie of Mount Skins


We’re pleased to announce the grand opening of the Black Lion Stables! The Black Lion Trading Company has contracted with specialty breeders to offer a wide variety of rare and exotic mounts. Prospective owners can purchase a Mount Adoption License for a single, flat fee to adopt an available animal at random. Every license guarantees the successful adoption of a unique breed, so it’s easy to make room in your heart for all of them.

Mount Adoption Licenses are available individually or in a value pack of 10. During the introductory week only, dedicated collectors can purchase a bundle of 30 Mount Adoption Licenses at a discount and take home every mount breed currently sold through the Black Lion Stables.

Black Lion Chest Update


We’ve added the Wild Magic Backpack Glider Combo to Black Lion Chests—cautious handling is recommended. If you’re in the market for something a little more solid than pulsating orbs of mysterious origin, trade Black Lion Claim Tickets to your nearest Black Lion Weapons Specialist to obtain the Shifting Sands weapon collection. Each weapon boasts sufficient mass to clobber with and glyphs of mysterious origin.