Update Notes – October 24, 2012

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on October 25, 2012

Here are the patch notes for today’s game update:


  • Added Mad King Chests to the Mystic Forge. These chests always have Halloween items such as candy corn, Halloween crafting materials, and Halloween tonics. There’s a rare chance they may also have Halloween skins for weapons and shoulders.
  • Added a Mystic Forge recipe to create Mad King Chests: 1 Piece of Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (of any kind), and another Boost (of any kind)
  • Tactician Footi will now properly build her cannon after being resurrected in Cursed Shore.
  • Removed all hidden trick-or-treat bag nodes from Lion’s Arch.
  • Halloween-themed PVP items now salvage into the correct materials.