Video: ArenaNet Audio Team Plays with Fire

by Drew Cady on February 07, 2013


Field recording has always been a passion of mine. Turn on the microphone and there are endless possibilities! Finding new and different things to record expands our Arena Net sound library and gives our sound designers more tools to work with.

In this session I wanted to explore fire sounds. Fire can be used for a wide variety of sound effects, ranging from a mellow campfire, to combat skills and sword swooshes. To try something different I invented a fireball, then spun it around in a big arc and swung like a pendulum. Sometimes it sounded like a jet engine, while other times it sounded like a catapult launch. Since no wood was burned, the sounds are free from pops and clicks and can be used for a greater array of elements during the sound design stage.

I invite you to watch the video and see for yourself how different fire can sound.

Thanks for watching!