Watch the Trailer for “A Star to Guide Us”

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on September 12, 2018

The next episode of Living World arrives on September 18. Watch the trailer below, and read on for more information on what you’ll find in next week’s release!

Map: Jahai Bluffs


Nestled between Vabbi and Kourna, the Jahai Bluffs have witnessed crucial turning points in Elonian history. Now Kralkatorrik’s vicious storms and Branded army sweep across the land, covering it in crystalline scars.

Raid: Mythwright Gambit


Zommoros has extended an unusually gracious invitation to visit the Mystic Forge. Touring an eccentric djinn’s vast treasure houses can’t be that risky, but you should probably repair your gear just in case.

Upgradeable Armor Set

Complete the “A Star to Guide Us” story to begin collecting and upgrading the new Elegy set, and make compassion your armor.

Sun’s Refuge


Upgrade this ancient cavern into a perfect shelter for your allies. Catch up with them, and they may have information that will lead you to new content and rewards.

Legendary Scepter: Xiuquatl


This mysterious obelisk houses a winged serpent familiar who will faithfully accompany you in battle.

Mastery: Bond of Vigor

Unlock the ability to temporarily increase your mount’s endurance regeneration.

Click here to download an asset kit full of screenshots and art from the upcoming release!