Win a Custom Guild Wars 2 Gaming PC from Origin PC

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on July 29, 2020

Could you use a cool new rig to help take down the Frost Legion? We’re teaming up with Origin PC to celebrate the release of the fourth episode of The Icebrood Saga, “Jormag Rising“! You could win amazing prizes, including a custom gaming PC.

Visit Origin PC’s official site to enter and read all the details.


The grand prize is a custom Origin gaming PC featuring art from “Jormag Rising.” The winner will also receive a Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ Ultimate Edition code and an Icebrood Saga Hero’s Bundle.

Second Prize (5 Winners): Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Ultimate Edition and Icebrood Saga Hero’s Bundle
Third Prize (5 Winners): Icebrood Saga Hero’s Bundle

Watch Origin PC build the custom grand prize PC live! You could win one of three Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Standard Edition codes that will be given away during the stream.

Play Along with ArenaNet and Origin PC

The grand prize winner will be announced on a special Guild Wars 2 livestream, hosted by Origin PC to celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary. A member of the Guild Wars 2 development team will be Origin PC’s guide to the world of Tyria, and viewers have a chance to win one of three Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Standard Edition codes during the stream.