Wintersday is Here!

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on December 15, 2012


Wintersday begins today! We’ve packed a lot of magical merriment into Guild Wars 2 from December 14 to January 3, so start your holiday adventure today! Visit the official forums to get all the information you could possibly need to guide your holiday fun!

It wouldn’t be a holiday season without goods to be gained, so keep your eyes open for gift boxes in the world containing all sorts of treasures such as weapon skins, tonics, and crafting trophies.

Not happy with your presents? Try visiting the gift exchange merchants in Lion’s Arch to score exactly what you wanted.

Also, be sure to visit Tixx aboard his airship workshop at every stop to help him build each of the five Wintersday toys. Each time you survive a visit, Tixx will reward you with the secret of the toy as well as parts you’ll need to build your very own copies of his toy!