Your Study Guide to Super Adventure Box: Back to School

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on September 03, 2013

Hello, Super Adventurers!

Once again the platform puzzle professor known as Moto has re-opened the doors of the Super Adventure Box creation, with all-new additions! You’ve got four whole weeks to explore the Super Adventure Box, but don’t delay—this time Moto has added World 2 and Tribulation Mode to the curriculum!

Here’s a quick guide to get you started!


Visit Scenic World 2

In the all-new World 2, players explore the treacherous Rapids, brave the perilous Pain Cliffs, and weather the bitter cold of Storm Top. The devious and powerful Storm Wizard lurks in the peaks of Storm Top; do you and your party have what it takes to defeat him?


Prepare to Cry: Tribulation Mode

Loaded with unfair invisible death traps, explosive scenery, rocket-propelled hints, oceans of spike traps and the terrifying Tribulation Cloud, the aptly-named Tribulation Mode isn’t for everyone. But if you want a true challenge and the chance to score cool color-shifted Super Weapon Skins as a reward, Tribulation Mode is for you!


Going Back to School

Enter More Coins to Continue

When you log back in to Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive a mail from Moto himself detailing the amazing new upgrades and additions to his amazing virtual reality educational device. Enclosed in this mail are 5 Continue Coins to get you started.


Get Into The Box

The quickest way to start playing Inside the Box is to travel to Magustan Court Waypoint in the city of Rata Sum. From there, the entrance to the new-and-improved Super Adventure Box will be on your right.

Welcome to the New Hub

The first thing you’ll notice is the new and improved Super Adventure Hub.  This map allows people to relax in a lobby while forming parties for Super Adventure Box.


Every 15 minutes a parade of the Super Adventure monsters will circle the central fountain.  Be sure to explore, as there’s a secret Sub-Hub area that will propel you into the clouds! Cannons can be found in the sky, shooting players onto other clouds with Super Flags that shoot fireworks and inspire you to dance.  Hang out and party or form groups for Worlds 1 & 2!

Pick Your World

To play a World, simply approach the appropriate house.  Each house is labeled with the world number they represent.


Note: You can only access World 2 if you’ve completed World 1. However, you can enter World 2 if you go with a friend who has it unlocked.

Choose Your Mode

Once you select your World, you’ll be transported to a room with three fun characters:  Infantile Cloud, a local villager, and Tribulation Cloud.  These characters will let you select your mode.

Infantile Mode (Infantile Cloud) allows you to experience all of Super Adventure Box without the challenge of difficult jumps or getting lost.

Normal Mode (local villager) is the standard mode for Super Adventure where you’ll experience zones in their most natural state.

Tribulation Mode (Tribulation Cloud) is for those who want a truly challenging, truly insane gameplay experience.  In each Tribulation Mode Zone completion chest you’ll receive a Tribulation Mode Token—more on those later.


New Items and Rewards

With the introduction of new zones come new rewards!  Speak with Moto in Rata Sum to see what’s available.  All items Moto sells are purchasable with Bauble Bubbles and/or Gold.  Earn Bauble Bubbles inside the Box, either by completing Zones or converting Baubles to Bauble Bubbles.

New Super Weapon Skins

The remainder of the Super Weapon Set has been filled out!  Players can now purchase Mace, Rifle, Pistol, Focus, Axe, Dagger, Torch and Warhorn in the original Super style!


Meet Mini Moto!

Moto has noticed how dashingly handsome you all think he is, so he now sells a Mini Moto. You can modify your Mini Moto, too! Collect small items hidden throughout Tyria that can alter the mini. A wig, dress, and tiara can be combined with Mini Moto in the Mystic Forge for a Mini Princess Miya.

Hard to Get: King Toad and Storm Wizard Skins

Tribulation Mode affords players a chance at the new King Toad and Storm Wizard weapon skins. To obtain one of these skins, you need the Weapon Design and appropriate Tribulation Mode Tokens and combine them in the Mystic Forge.

For King Toad weapons:

  • Moto’s Weapon Design (purchasable from Moto)
  • King Toad Z-1 (Complete World 1-1 Tribulation Mode)
  • King Toad Z-2 (Complete World 1-2 Tribulation Mode)
  • King Toad Z-3 (Complete World 1-3 Tribulation Mode)

For Storm Wizard Weapons:

  • Moto’s Weapon Design (purchasable from Moto)
  • Storm Wizard Z-1 (Complete World 2-1 Tribulation Mode)
  • Storm Wizard Z-2 (Complete World 2-2 Tribulation Mode)
  • Storm Wizard Z-3 (Complete World 2-3 Tribulation Mode)



Many of you are probably thinking, “I missed my Distinction in Applied Jumping title last time Moto opened the Box.”  Have no fear! If you missed any achievements during the grand opening of Super Adventure Box, you’ll have another chance at getting them.

Meta Achievements

There are two meta achievements for this release:  Distinction in Applied Jumping for World 1 and Honors in Applied Jumping for World 2.

You’ll earn a King Toad Backpack in World 1 and a Storm Wizard backpack in World 2. If you earned the Distinction in Applied Jumping achievement last time around, a brand new King Toad backpack will be waiting for you when you log in!

Tribulation Mode has its own set of achievements. While there’s no meta achievement, each Tribulation Mode achievement rewards a substantial amount of Achievement Points. Stock up your Continue Coins and get ready for a wild ride!