Your Vote Decides the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Teams!

by Joshua Davis on July 10, 2014

Hello Tyria,

Joshua “Grouch” Davis here, Competitive Events Manager at ArenaNet. It’s my privilege to announce that at this year’s gamescom, we’ll be partnering with our friends at Twitch to bring you the Guild Wars 2 International All Stars Tournament! This exhibition match will pit top players from North America, Europe, and China against each other in the first truly global Guild Wars 2 event.

PvP Spirit Watch

How will the All-Stars be chosen, you ask?

We’ve rounded up 32 of the top All-Star candidates from North America and Europe – and it’s your duty to decide who will represent each region at the event!

“…the first truly global Guild Wars 2 event.”

Our North American and European candidates have secured their spots on the ballot by competing in ArenaNet-sponsored events such as the Tournament of Legends, the ArenaNet PAX Prime Invitational Tournament, or other community-run events such as the Mistpedia and ESL Weekly Cups. Because the competitive scene in China is relatively new, our Chinese All-Star team has been selected by our partner, Kong Zhong, from their weekly tournament series.

European All-Star Candidates North American All-Star Candidates
Team: Made in Meta
Team: Outplayed by Children
Team: Cheese Mode
Team: Formerly FML
Team: Team Mist (Formerly TCG)
Authorized Shoutcaster
Team: Read it Backwards
Team: ApeX Prime
Team: Team Mist (Formerly TCG)
Five Gauge
Team: Good Fights
Team: Fifty Five Hp Monks
Team: Oil
Bullet Punch
Team: I love Lunch
Team: KPz
Team: Fifty Five Hp Monks
Team: Good Fights
Team: Formerly Team Paradigm and Fifty Five Hp Monks
Team: Formerly from Team No Good Intentions
PHD in Stomponomics
Team: Anti-Social Dragon Finishers
Team: ApeX Prime
Team: I love Lunch
Team: Believe
Team: Team Mist (Formerly TCG)
Team: Formerly from Team Paradigm
Team: Team Mist (Formerly TCG)
Team: Oil
Team: Car Crash
Team: It Ain’t EZ being KPz
Team: Team Mist (Formerly TCG)
Team: Sync
Team: Enhanced Gaming
Team: Oil

All-Star Voting

Not that familiar with the competitive PvP scene? You can always discuss the candidates on the Guild Wars 2 forum or with any of your PvP-oriented friends! We’ll also be discussing the All-Star Vote during a special edition of our bi-weekly competitive Livestream, Ready Up, on Friday, July 11, at 12:00 p.m. PDT at!

You can find more information on the candidates, including player biographies, on the All-Star Voting Ballot. All-Star candidate voting will remain open for one week, ending July 17.

Click here to visit the All-Star Voting Ballot and cast your vote now!

Tournament Prizes

Elite Armor Concept Art

In addition to paid travel and accommodations for the duration of gamescom, players will be competing for in-game prizes, including a brand-new armor set exclusive to PvP tournaments! For now, this armor set will only be available to our All-Star competitors, but in the future we’ll be opening up more opportunities for players to win the right to wear this prestigious set.

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes that are up for grabs:

  • First place: Each member of the first place team will receive their choice of a legendary weapon, one PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the First Place Trophy Finisher.
  • Second place: Each member of the second place team will receive a precursor of their choice, one PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the Second Place Trophy Finisher.
  • Third place: Each member of the third place team will receive three individual pieces of the PvP tournament-exclusive armor set, and the Third Place Trophy Finisher.

Come find us on the gamescom showroom floor!

If you’re attending gamescom, make sure to visit the Guild Wars 2 community team and some of our developers at the Twitch booth between Thursday, August 14 and Sunday, August 17!

Voting Terms

Voting ends 11:59 PM PT 7/16/2014. Must be at least 13 to vote. Limit one (1) vote per person/account. See Voting Terms which govern, for complete details.