Beginning March 9th

Jormag is as deadly and corrupted as their twin, Primordus. There is no peace in this balance—only a terrible push and pull of opposing elemental magics, each laying claim to the unstable territory between them. Something must give, and you can only hope it’s something you can bear to lose.

Dragon Response Missions: Caledon Forest, Bloodtide Coast, and Fireheart Rise

While destroyers exploit old ritual grounds to launch an assault on Flame Legion holdouts, Jormag’s icebrood have begun their own incursions. Can you sustain a defense against two dragon armies?

Scry into the Past

Play as Braham Eirsson in a solo story mission, and use his powers and skills on a journey to seek the meaning of the Owl Spirit’s prophecy.

Four New Allied Factions

The elusive tengu may finally be willing to join forces. Join a global faction mobilization event to equip your allies for battle on March 9, with three more events to come on March 23, April 6, and April 20.

New Rewards

Bolster your forces through the Dragon Slayer Mastery line, earn new weapons from faction vendors, and upgrade your Dragon Slayer weapons to their third and final form.