Announcing the September 2014 Feature Pack

by Colin Johanson on August 13, 2014

Hello, Tyrians!

I’m excited to announce that the September 2014 Feature Pack is on its way and will hit Guild Wars 2 on September 9!

We’ll be announcing the details of each of the features and events tied to the feature pack here on the Guild Wars 2 website over the course of the next three weeks.


To kick things off, we’ll be focusing on new PvP and WvW updates. We’ve planned our Competitive Week to coincide with the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Tournament, which we’re streaming live from the show floor this week at gamescom in Cologne, Germany! Make sure to check out the streams later this week and watch as some of the best players from Europe, China, and North America battle it out for world supremacy.

For those of you dying to know what the future holds: Living World Season 2 will be going on break for a while as we count down to the arrival of the September 2014 Feature Pack. You can look forward to the return of Season 2 in autumn, and we’ll announce the start date for episode 5 after the feature pack has been released. Episode 4, “The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2,” will remain active until episode 5 is released, so you still have time to log in with a character and unlock this episode’s story content!

We hope you’re as excited about the September 2014 Feature Pack as we all are here at ArenaNet, and we look forward to seeing you in the game!

—Colin Johanson