Living World Return Season 2 Begins Now

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on May 25, 2021

Prepare for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons and catch up on Living World episodes you’ve missed! From May 25 to May 31, log in to Guild Wars 2 and get story unlock tokens for the first episodes of Living World Season 2: “Gates of Maguuma” and “Entanglement.” Read today’s update notes on our forums.

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Complete the Cycle: Glint’s Prophecy

The dragon Glint used her gift of prophecy to aid mortals in their struggle against the Elder Dragons. Now the Commander and their allies face an uncertain future, chasing the glimmer of hope she left to the world. In Living World Season 2, learn the truth behind an insidious terror that destroys lives and minds—and begin to complete the story of the dragon cycle.

New Achievements
New meta-achievements for the episodes “Gates of Maguuma” and “Entanglement” are now available in the Bonus Events category of your achievements tab. You can complete these at any time to progress the Seasons of the Dragons meta-achievement, which is in the Side Stories category.

New Rewards
You’ll receive rewards worthy of a hero for completing each tier of the Seasons of the Dragons meta-achievement:

  • Complete 4 Meta-Achievements—Ascended weapon choice
  • Complete 10 Meta-Achievements—Fragment of Prismatic Light
  • Complete 16 Meta-Achievements—32-slot inventory bag
  • Complete 24 Meta-Achievements—Legendary amulet and “Returning Champion” title

The Fragment of Light can be redeemed in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons for a third-generation legendary precursor weapon.

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