June 26, 2018

The asuran entomologist Gorrik is on trial, accused of plotting to unleash a deadly infestation. Head to the Free City of Amnoon to talk him out of trouble, but take care not to mention the Scarab Plague—you wouldn’t want to cause a panic.

New Mount and Masteries—the Roller Beetle

Meet Tyria’s fastest, friendliest invertebrate! Use your very own roller beetle to speed over sand dunes, break barricades, knock the Awakened flat, and impress your friends with awesome airborne tricks.

New Fractal—Deepstone

Are you in the mood for a little treasure hunting in the chthonic depths of a long-abandoned dwarven ruin, complete with deadly traps and swarms of spiders? We thought you might be! Report to Dessa in the Mistlock Observatory.

New Legendary Warhorn—Verdarach

Long ago, when Grenth’s powers were raw and new, he created a weapon more potent—and more sinister—than he ever intended. The warhorn Verdarach calls upon the spirits of those who died in horrific battles and summons them as vengeful wraiths. When the horn fades back into the Underworld after combat, its grisly attendants grasp for the souls of the newly slain, eager to conscript them into their ranks.