Clockwork Chaos

August 20, 2013

What surprises and excitement await you among Queen Jennah’s most esteemed guests at the Crown Pavilion? The Krytan Queen is preparing to address the celebrants and emissaries attending her royal jubilee, but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech!


  • Developer Livestream – August 20

    Take an inside look at the features in the Queen’s Speech release with ArenaNet devs during the livestream on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, August 20 at 12PM PDT.

  • The Queen’s Speech – Begins August 20

    Don’t miss history in the making as Queen Jennah wraps up her gala Jubilee with a momentous speech to her loyal subjects and visitors. Starting August 20, be sure to visit Divinity’s Reach and hear what the Queen has to say!

  • 10 Days of Black Lion Sales – Begins August 23

    Starting at 12:01AM PT on Friday, August 23, each day for 10 consecutive days we’ll be bringing back items and weapon skins that had limited sales during the first year of Guild Wars 2.

  • Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash

    On August 31, we’re holding our first-ever Anniversary Bash and Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament! The event will be held in the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, WA over PAX Prime weekend – if you’re in town, come and join the fun! We’ll be streaming the entire event for you to watch from home.

  • Twisted Minion Invasions

    Scarlet’s new Twisted minions are invading all of Tyria! Put a stop to her invading armies as they strike at entire regions.

  • Defeat Scarlet!

    Work with Emissary Vorpp to reverse engineer Scarlet’s portals, then take the fight to Scarlet in her lair!

New Rewards

  • Birthday Gifts!

    As characters created right at the launch of Guild Wars 2 hit their first birthdays, it’s time to introduce our first Birthday Gift! Characters that are one year old will receive a Mini Queen Jennah, a 24-hour Birthday Booster, and a Scroll of Experience.

  • Infinite Watchknight Tonic

    Once you complete the Clockwork Chaos meta achievement, you’ll receive a tonic that allows you to transform into a Watchknight at any time.

  • Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Skin

    After each Clockwork Invasion, players that helped drive off Scarlet’s minions will receive scraps of the Twisted Watchwork Shoulders. Collect enough scraps to complete a shoulder-piece skin that can be applied to any shoulder armor.

  • Twisted Watchwork Portal Device Recipe

    Play during the Clockwork Chaos release for a rare chance at a limited-time recipe for the Twisted Watchwork Portal Device. This item will teleport you to a random place in Tyria. There’s no telling what you might find – so use it at your own risk!

New Features

  • World vs. World XP and Point adjustments

    We’re making it easier to earn World XP points for playing normally in World vs. World by increasing the WXP rate across the board! As an added bonus, we’re adjusting World vs. World Ability Points so that your total points are equal to your current rank. New characters will start off with one ability point, and all existing characters will receive one more!

  • World vs. World Trebuchet Mastery

    Become a master of destruction with the new Trebuchet Mastery ability line! Increase your efficiency with Trebuchets by upping your basic shot damage, increasing your Trebuchets’ hit radius, adding a new supply-draining effect to your basic shot, and learning a new Healing Oasis skill that provides healing to your teammates.

  • The End of Culling in PvE

    On August 20, we’re turning off culling, which will remove the limit on the number of characters you can see on-screen at once. The cities of Tyria will now be even more vibrant and bustling than ever!

Clockwork Chaos Guide

Want to know how to get started? Check out our spoiler-free mini-guide to this release!

New Gem Store Items

  • Watchwork Finisher

    Based on new watchwork technology, this new Watchwork Finisher is a way to crush your enemies with style!

  • Minis 3-Pack Set 2

    A whole new set of miniatures is now available in the Gem Store! The new Minis 3-Pack Set 2 has 46 new collectible minis!

  • WvW Experience Booster

    You can now purchase a WvW Experience Booster to gain 50% more WvW Experience Points for an hour!

  • Zodiac Weapon Skins

    We’re introducing Zodiac Weapon Skins based on the classic Guild Wars Zodiac set. Visit a Black Lion Weapon Specialist to pick up a Zodiac Weapon Skin for a limited-time price of one Black Lion Weapon Ticket!

Release Notes

Read detailed notes from our developers about what’s new in this release.