Super Adventure Box: Back to School

September 3, 2013

Prepare to Get Schooled!

The asuran genius Moto is back with his new and improved Super Adventure Box! This virtual reality simulator was designed to educate young asura, but anyone can enroll! Face new challenges and new enemies in World 2, or put your skills to the ultimate test with the aptly-named Tribulation Mode!



  • Continue Your Education in World 2

    Your studies will continue in World 2 as you travel through the Rapids, Pain Cliffs, and Storm Top for a lethal final exam with the Storm Wizard! Need some study aids? Unlock all-new items and upgrades to help you get ahead!

  • For Advanced Students: Tribulation Mode

    To help teach resilience and non-linear thinking, Moto has created the ridiculously challenging Tribulation Mode for all zones in Worlds 1 and 2. Here, students will learn that life isn’t easy – and neither is Tribulation Mode!

  • Developer Livestream – September 3

    Think inside the box with ArenaNet devs during the livestream on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, September 3, at 12PM PDT.

New Rewards

  • Complete Your Super Weapon Set

    Moto’s prepared for another round of fundraising with the rest of the Super Weapon Skins! Trade in Bauble Bubbles to pick up a stylish new look for your weapons.

  • King Toad and Storm Wizard Weapons

    In addition to offering the remaining Super Weapon Skins, Moto is also encouraging Super Adventure Box players to show off their prowess by collecting the materials necessary for King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons!

  • Mini Princess Miya

    Collect a Mini Moto and elements of Princess Miya’s outfit, combine them in the forge, and bask in the holo-glow of your very own Mini Princess Miya!

New Features

  • Craft Ascended Weapons

    The Weaponsmith, Artificer, and Huntsman crafting disciplines have
    a new skill cap of 500. We’re introducing new recipes and new materials to be found around the world! Craft your way to 500 to become a Grandmaster Crafter and to learn the secrets of crafting Ascended weapons!

  • Legendary Weapon Updates

    Legendary weapons are getting a stat boost and an Offensive Infusion slot to align with the new Ascended weapons! Legendaries are also receiving additional functionality: When out of combat, Legendary weapon bearers will be able to choose between different stat combinations for your weapon. And to top it all off, many Legendaries are getting some aesthetic upgrades!

  • Account-Wide Magic Find

    We’re removing Magic Find as an equipment stat. Instead, your Magic Find will now be an account-wide bonus that applies to all of your characters. You can boost your account’s Magic Find using Essences of Luck, which can be earned by salvaging Fine or Masterwork items.

Your Study Guide to Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Want to know how to get started? Check out our spoiler-free mini-guide to this release!

New Gem Store Items

  • Permanent Super Explosive Finisher

    You’ve already come to know and love the Super Explosive Finisher – now you can use it forever! The Permanent Super Explosive Finisher will allow you to finish off your foes with an 16-bit blast of epic proportions.

  • Miniature Super Trio—World 2

    The Super Adventure Box’s World 2 is bringing in all-new monsters for brave adventurers to fight! Celebrate your adventures within the Box with the new Mini Super Banana, Raccoon, and Yeti!

  • Infinite Continue Coin

    The Infinite Continue Coin is your get out of jail free card within the Super Adventure Box! Use when Moto’s educational monsters have gotten the best of you to get back in the game with ten lives.

  • Transmutation Splitter

    This handy device will allow you to recover the two items used to create a transmuted item. You’ll receive soulbound versions of the original stat and appearance items used in transmutation.

  • Listen to the Tunes of World 1

    The new World 1 Super Boom Box allows you to play five of the songs from World 1 at will. Use it to remind yourself of good times with King Toad and the beedogs, or use it at parties to serenade your friends!

  • Plush Moto Backpack Cover

    The Plush Moto Backpack Cover allows you to take a hand-stitched version of Tyria’s greatest education innovator with you wherever you roam!

  • Save on Black Lion Chest Keys!

    Now you can buy a pack of 25 Black Lion Chest Keys together and save 33% off of the normal price!

  • World 2 Super Boom Box

    With the World 2 Super Boom Box, you can carry five of your favorite tunes from World 2 with you wherever you roam.

Release Notes

Read detailed notes from our developers about what’s new in this release.

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