A Very Merry Wintersday

Starting December 10, 2013

The nights may be growing longer and colder, but Lion’s Arch is merrier than ever before! Wintersday is returning to Tyria, along with everyone’s favorite toymaking inventor – Tixx! Celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next in this six-week winter festival!



  • The Wondrous Workshop

    Enter Toymaker Tixx’s workshop inside his golem-shaped airship, the Infinirarium, to corral mischievous toys and set things to rights!

  • Winter Wonderland

    The multi-path Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle is full of beautiful delights and death-defying challenges! Leap from snowflake to snowflake, prance up a stack of gifts, and race giant snowballs on your way to the prize!

  • Bell Choir

    Make sweet music ring through the air with Tyria’s favorite musical challenge, the Bell Choir! Group up with other players to make sweet harmonies and ring in the season.

  • Toypocalypse

    Toys are running amok and threatening everyone’s Wintersday! Enter Toypocalypse to defend noble, gift-bearing dolyaks and Tixx’s toymaking machine from the predations of haywire toys!

  • Snowball Mayhem

    What good is Wintersday without the opportunity to pelt friends, foes, and total strangers in the face with snowballs? The Snowball Mayhem fight will pitch you against other players in a mission to store up as many presents as possible while laying waste to the opposing team!

  • Lingering Poison

    You may have found a way into the Toxic Alliance’s inner sanctum, but this has by no means curtailed their nefarious activities! Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside are still befouled by the alliance’s evil presence!

  • Developer Livestream—December 9

    Sneak a peek at the Wintersday wonders that await you – join ArenaNet devs for a livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, December 9, at 12PM PST!


  • Tixx’s Toybox

    Tixx’s marvelous miniature toys are available once again! Complete the Wintersday meta achievement to receive Tixx’s Toybox, which will grant you one of Tixx’s toys: a Mini Ventari, Mini Plush Griffon, Mini Princess Doll, Mini Toy Golem, or Mini Toy Soldier.


  • Craft Ascended Armor

    The Armorsmith, Leatherworker, and Tailor crafting disciplines have a new skill cap of 500, which means that you can now craft your own Ascended armor! Refine, stitch, and hammer your way to 500 to become a Grandmaster Crafter and unlock the ability to craft Ascended armor!

  • New Healing Skills

    Still trying to find just the right healing skill for your build?
    Perhaps this will help – we’re introducing a new healing skill
    for every profession!

  • December 10 Balance Update

    Are you looking to fine-tune your build, or maybe hoping to try out something new entirely? Our next balance update is coming, and its focus is on improving traits and trait lines. You can read about incoming changes here.

New Gem Store Items

  • New Faces for Every Race and Gender!

    Total Makeover Kits now include new goodies: in addition to the exlcusive styles and colors already available, we’ve added three new faces for each gender and race!

  • Collection Expansions

    Increase the capacity of your collections storage with Collections Expansions. You can currently use up to three Collection Expansions, which increase your collection stack size by 250 each, up to a maximum of 1,000.

  • Permanent Snow Globe Finisher

    Crush your foes with the force of your Wintersday cheer with the new permanent Snow Globe Finisher! Each time you finish an enemy, drop one of four festive snow globes on your victim!

  • New—Upgrade Extractor!

    The Upgrade Extractor tool will allow you to remove any upgrade from any item – without destroying either!

  • Wintersday Goodies!

    The Fancy Wintersday Outfit is making a return for this season. In addition, the popular Gift and Snowman finishers will be making a return in their permanent versions.

  • Royal Terrace Pass!

    Pick up a Royal Pass to get unlimited access to the Queen’s Royal Terrace – which has asura gates, vendors, crafting stations, and more – for two full weeks!