November 26, 2013

Delve Into the Fractals of the Mists

Explore great moments from Tyria’s past and test your battle skills in this never-ending chain of dungeons that become more and more challenging the farther you go! Begin your battle through time and space in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons!



  • Promises Kept

    Ellen Kiel, who recently earned a seat on the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch after a cutthroat campaign, has made good on her promises to her supporters! By sponsoring research in the Fractals of the Mists, Kiel has opened up a momentous event from Tyria’s recent history, the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown, for exploration!

  • Inside the Reactor

    Head through the Fractals asura gate near Fort Marriner in Lion’s Arch (right next to the
    Consortium Gift Shop) to meet up with Kiel for a special story instance of the new Thaumanova Reactor Fractal. Experience the explosion of the reactor first-hand and discover its mysteries!

  • The Nightmare Continues

    The Tower of Nightmares is heading towards its collapse, but the fight isn’t over yet! Join in the fight against the vile Toxic Alliance and destroy the foul structure. Bring it to ruin before its evil spreads any further! Learn more.

  • Developer Livestream – November 25

    Take an inside look at the Fractured release with ArenaNet devs during a livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, November 25 at 12PM PST.


  • Fractal Reward Updates

    The Fractals of the Mists are becoming more rewarding! As a daily fractal reward, you’ll not only be earning Empyreal Fragments, Fractal Relics, and Pristine Fractal Relics at all levels, you’ll also earn a gold or more! Learn more.

  • Fractal Tonic

    A new, infinite tonic with the ability to transform you into any number of friends and foes from within the Mists, the Fractal Tonic is a rare reward found within the Fractals of the Mists.

  • New Runes and Sigils

    Those braving the dangers of the most difficult fractals will find that their bravery is well-rewarded by a chance at brand-new sigils and runes to adorn their gear!


  • Three New Fractals

    In addition to illuminating the strange circumstances of the Thaumanova Reactor meltdown, you can experience two more historical events thanks to further Fractals research. Relive the daring raids on the Molten Alliance facilities with the Molten Furnace Fractal! Infiltrate the Aetherblade’s old base of villainy with the treacherous Aetherblade Fractal!

  • Two New Boss Fractals!

    The Jade Maw of the Solid Ocean Fractal is no longer the only challenge awaiting you when you make it to the end of each set of three fractals! Special boss encounters with the Aetherblade captain Mai Trin and the two Molten Alliance champions from the Molten Facility have been added to the rotation.

  • Agony Resist Updates

    We’re reworking the way Agony Resistance works on items. You’ll now be able to collect drops that grant you Agony Resistance and combine them to continually increase your level of Agony Resistence. Learn more.

  • Announcing Fractals of the Mists Leaderboards

    Soon you can earn the envy and adulation of your friends and total strangers through our new leaderboards, which show off the players with the highest fractal levels! As part of the introduction of leaderboards, everyone whose current personal reward level for the Fractals of the Mists is above 30 will be reset to 30 so the competition can begin in earnest.

  • Fractal Progression Changes

    The difficulty curve in fractals levels one through 30 is being adjusted, and fractals beyond level 30 have new, special challenges. Every fractal you enter above fractal level 30 will have a special Mistlock Instability which will add new difficulties to that level, or change the way you and your teammates play within it. Learn more.

  • Obsidian Sanctum Update

    The Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle, the Obsidian Sanctum, is receiving some changes! Along with being able to enter the jumping puzzle from inside your world’s keep in the Eternal Battlegrounds, you’ll now be able to enter the map directly through the WvW menu. Along with that, we’ve added a new arena space to the Obsidian Sanctum where opposing groups of players can meet up for combat. The Borderlands Bloodlust buff will no longer apply in the Obsidian Sanctum.

New Gem Store Items

  • Grenth Hood

    Heroes of every race can pay homage to one of the time-honored traditions of Wintersday with this special Grenth Hood! Take on the form of the old human god of death and ice as you go about your festivities.

  • Stag Helm

    If dressing up like human gods isn’t your idea of celebrating in style, the Stag Helm will allow you to dress up with a set of mighty antlers!

  • Wintersday Minis 3-Pack

    Welcome a baby Fawn, Arctic Fox, and Puppy into your life with the Wintersday Minis 3-Pack! These minis can be used with a stack of Ugly Wool Sweaters in the Mystic Forge to create a Baby Dolyak Calf.