Beginning January 28th

Rytlock and Crecia have fallen out of contact, and now it seems Braham is striking out on his own to find them. This is the worst moment for your allies to isolate themselves. Touch base with Jhavi at Jora’s Keep and learn what she knows.

Bjora Marches—Further into Danger

Explore the hidden half of the deathly cold Bjora Marches, where you’ll experience new Trials of Koda map events with unique achievements and face the cunning, insidious world boss Drakkar.

Raven Attunement and Essence Manipulation: New Mastery Tiers

Strengthen your bond with Raven to unlock new Raven Attunement abilities. A third tier of essence manipulation will give you greater command of resilience, valor, and vigilance.

New Strike Mission

Face the whispers in your mind and the dark force driving them.

New Rewards

Unlock Raven Ceremonial armor traditionally worn by norn Raven Shamans and upgrade your Restored Boreal weapons into Illuminated Boreal weapons. Complete story achievements and trade with locals to earn minis, guild hall decorations, a new /shiver emote, and more.