Beginning March 17

It’s time to go back. Revisit epic encounters and see events through different eyes in the Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire update. Join the ranks of the Steel Warband and fight along Ryland Steelcatcher, then play as Ryland himself to explore Darkrime Delves. Plus, tackle four story missions from Living World Season 1—replayable for the first time!

Eye of the North

This timeless landmark sheltered the heroes of old, and now it can serve you and your allies. Help them upgrade it into a worthy base of operations, including a launch portal for Strike Missions.

Public Mission: Join the Steel Warband

Meet Ryland Steelcatcher’s companions and accompany them on a high-stakes mission to battle the Ancient Forgeman. Best of all, your job is to blow stuff to smithereens with a cutting-edge charr tank.

Story Mission: Darkrime Delves

Venture into Darkrime Delves during the events of “Whisper in the Dark” and experience the story from Ryland’s perspective—with his powerful flamesaw in hand. Discover the truth behind legendary Vigil leader Almorra Soulkeeper’s fate.

Season 1 Story Missions

Replay four story missions from the first season of Living World for the first time ever! Get to know Rox and Braham, face Scarlet’s toxic forces, and remember how far Canach’s come in his time with you.

New Rewards

Earn Steel Warband weapon skins and variants, Stone Summit armor pieces to accessorize with, and a full Runic armor set with matching cape!