Beginning June 11, 2019

You’ve entered the Mystic Forge, bested the fire djinn Qadim, and overcome his challenges—but Zommoros’s rival is still at large. Now, prepare to visit the ancient city of Ahdashim and learn what secrets lie buried by the centuries.

New Raid: The Key of Ahdashim

After the events in the Mystic Forge, Qadim has returned home to the Hidden City of Ahdashim to usurp a great power. Seek the Key and the cardinals for guidance into the hallowed city walls and stop Qadim from destroying not only the djinn, but also the natural balance of the world.

Open World Event: Shiny Weapons

Qadim’s machinations are causing ripples outside the Mystic Forge, touching Central Tyrian world bosses with condensed ley energy. From June 11 to June 25, defeat these powerful enemies to mine colorful crystal essence and consult with skritt near the Mystic Forge to learn how to create Shiny and Ultra Shiny weapons.