On June 14 2016

You’ve faced the ghosts of Spirit Vale and uncovered the truth behind Salvation Pass; now the final steps of your journey lie before you. Prepare to enter the Stronghold of the Faithful and challenge the White Mantle in their own territory. Cut through to the heart of their plans, or you and your allies may be lost forever to their twisted magic.

Siege the Castle

The White Mantle’s base of operations is well fortified and guarded in force. You’ll need to find a way past the walls—but the White Mantle is prepared to deal with intruders, and they aren’t about to make it easy.

Crumble the Keep

Once you’ve made it through the gates, you’ll find yourself in an environment that’s literally hostile. It’s up to you to break through the castle’s defenses and find the source of the White Mantle’s anomalous power.

Earn New Treasures

Survive the stronghold and bring home trophies of your victory, including ascended White Mantle weapons, new miniatures, a new ascended backpack, and more!