September 20, 2016

In the second episode of Living World Season 3, explore the unforgiving Ring of Fire Islands and battle in the Eternal Coliseum, in addition to gameplay updates.

Rising Flames

Legate Minister Caudecus has escaped, the ancient mursaat Lazarus the Dire has risen, and the Elder Dragon Primordus stirs under Tyria’s feet. With little time to recover following the death of Mordremoth, the Commander and their allies must work quickly to find anything they can leverage against the new threats. But who can you trust?


Content Updates

The Eternal Coliseum

Battle for glory in this Player vs. Player tribute to gladiatorial combat! Capture the artifacts of the gods to strike down your downed enemies or gain an instant resurrection when downed. The crowd will cheer—or jeer—for your triumphs and defeats.

And More

Gameplay Updates and Polish

In addition to Living World Season 3 Episode 2, this release contains updates to World vs. World scoring, Fractals of the Mists, and structured Player vs. Player game modes.