Beginning April 27

Braham Eirsson’s destiny is unfolding. When his arrow pierced Jormag’s fang, he shouldered his people’s quest for retribution against the dragon. He’s grown into a hero worthy of the prophecy—but fulfilling it may come at a price you’ve seen too many friends pay. As avatars of a hatred that spans millennia, what will become of the Elder Dragons’ mortal champions?

Dragonstorm: Join the Final Battle

There’s little time left to save Tyria from a cataclysm of ice or fire. An evenly matched head-to-head fight between Primordus and Jormag will destroy them both, and each dragon is desperate to gain an advantage. Tip the scales to ensure they can’t hide behind Braham and Ryland forever.

Play the final chapter of The Icebrood Saga: Champions to experience Dragonstorm as part of the story. Head to Eye of the North to face the challenging world boss version of this encounter—anyone can join while the event is active, or you can form a squad to start your own instance at any time.

New Rewards

Earn a glorious Dragonscale Cape, a new ascended greatsword, and more! Mix and match the new Jormag and Primordus Eye Infusions to add chilling or searing draconic energy to your eyes in any combination you choose.