June 22, 2021

Tyrians held the first Dragon Bash after Zhaitan’s defeat—an expression of relief and joy at beating impossible odds. Celebrate your victories with a grand party!

Join the Revelry

Travel to the norn capital city of Hoelbrak to bust open dragon piñatas, bet on racing moas, participate in mount races, and marvel at the massive Kralkatorrik hologram stalking the sky.

Battle Holograms

Enter the Dragon Arena to face off against holographic dragon minions, challenge yourself in Dragon Arena Survival, and keep an eye out for Hologram Stampede events in maps around Hoelbrak.

Earn New Rewards!

Collect zhaitaffy to trade for festival prizes or combine them into jorbreakers to exchange for electrifying imbued holographic weapons. Complete Dragon Bash feats to earn holographic shoulder skins!