Beginning 17th November

Jormag insists they’re not Tyria’s real enemy. It’s hard to take a manipulative elder dragon at their word, especially when they’ve left a wreckage of bitter wounds and broken bonds in their wake. But Taimi’s research has detected something sinister on the approach—and Jormag may indeed prove to be the less urgent threat.

Dragon Response Missions: Brisban Wildlands, Gendarran Fields, and Metrica Province

Vulnerable settlements and outposts near some of Central Tyria’s major cities are under attack by dragon minions. Teams of one to five heroes are needed on the scene to protect citizens, defend each area, and eliminate rampaging minions. Take down the dragon champion at the heart of the assault and drive them back into the ground!

Allied Faction: Order of the Crystal Bloom

Join other players to train and equip the Order of the Crystal Bloom during the first global faction mobilization event. You’ll earn rewards for your efforts, and faction members can join your Dragon Response Missions to bolster your defenses and healing. Word is sure to spread, so be alert for other factions ready to join the cause.

New Dragon Slayer Mastery Track

Unlock the first tier to collect Dragon Essence from enemies in Dragon Response Missions and gain a temporary stat boost. Seize a Dragon Boon from defeated dragon champions to carry the enhancement into your next response mission. When you unlock the second mastery tier, you’ll get extra materials while under the effect of a Dragon Boon, gain might from collecting Dragon Essence, and can purchase Dragon Slayer weapon recipes in Eye of the North.

New Rewards

Collect the new Dragon Slayer weapons, Volcanic Stormcaller weapons, Crystal Bloom Axe, and more!

Voice Acting in 'No Quarter' and 'Jormag Rising'

It’s a great time to catch up on The Icebrood Saga! We’ve added voiced dialogue to the two episodes that were impacted by COVID-19 safety measures. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked on a new process to keep our staff and voice talent healthy.